The Analyst and The Naïf*

I have no clue whatsoever how I got the idea for this, but my actress friend said she’ll produce it once it’s finished.

It’s a Freudian farce and is it based on truth? Absolutely! There’s no way could fabricate that dialogue. I’m just not that good.

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Here’s the opening quatrain:

A master of Freudian seduction

proposed indeed when not on bended knee

her composure cleft with this injunction:

“Pray, enough ‘bout Bob… How feelst thou ‘bout me?” 

*People ask me all the time—my analyst included—“What’s a naïf?”

I pulled the word out of a metaphorical hat and it turns out it’s real. It’s a variation on naïve. This is a cute definition link:

I particularly like #3: “lacking developed powers of analysis, reasoning, or criticism”

Guess what? It doesn’t take our little naïf long to grow to be not so naïf-like, but in the meantime, it’s good plain fun!