What's in Your Chart DocThis is one of the funniest, weirdest, off the wall little books you’ll ever read. It’s short, it’s sweet, and it’s free…if you *CLICK HERE* and subscribe to my mailing list. You can also get it on Amazon, but isn’t free better?

The title came from a nutsy thing I wrote to my analyst after he muttered “regression…in…of the ego.” He didn’t give me the correct phrase (regression in the service of the ego) so I ended up reading a good portion of my old undergrad behavioral science dictionary. I found all kinds of material with which I was able to torment him for the better part of a year.

You really do need to read it. To try to describe it doesn’t do it justice. But here’s a little teaser from the title piece:

“So tell me, Doctor,

What constellation of core conflicts did you leave unresolved so as to maintain the repetition compulsion that led you to a career that provides you with an endless supply of women who will fall at your feet in three sessions* or less?”

*in analysis there’s this thing called “transference” which means you’re supposed to “fall in love with” your analyst—or some such other infantile nonsense–else “it’s not really analysis.” The coolest thing is, it took Daniel three months to get anything out of me but respectful affection. When I realized it took him that long, he said, “I usually get it in three sessions.”

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